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About Organic REV

Holy Cow!

I have never been able to keep my garden going once the Texas summer heat kicks in.  This year I have been watering with REV and I cannot believe the results.  My vegatables have all been amazing.  Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, peas...everything is thriving even in the heat!

Korrie B (Texas)


My outdoor flowers love REV!  They have been going absolutely bonkers since I started adding REV to my normal routine.  It only takes a little and my front porch looks like a florist.  Thank you!!

Sally W. (California)


My vegetable garden is out of control!  REV is my new secret weapon.  My neighbors keep asking what I am doing differently because my plants have gotten HUGE!   

Richard J - Houston

REV Works!

I was skeptical because I have tried so many "miracle" plant foods.  All I can say is WOW!  REV works! 

Linda - WA

My neighbor gave me a sample of your Organic REV product.  I watered my outside struggling Sage with it and less than a week later my plants had doubled in size!  Count me as an impressed customer!

Randi C. Boulder, CO


REV Up Your Garden

Give your garden what it's missing and REV up the health of your soil! Other products like teas and compost just don't have the life that it takes to feed your plants! Many of these actually pull nutrients away from your plants! REV will INSTANTLY be available and USABLE.  REV speeds up decomposition of organic debris and aids in the relationship between water, soil, nutrient and root!

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Pure Plant Magic!

REV Lawn & Garden is the world's leading all natural organic growth stimulant. We take pride in producing a truly unique product that is proven to produce healthier, faster-growing, and stronger plants!  REV is 100% organic and goes to work immediately - improving soil biology, increasing root mass, and improving your plants ability to utilize nutrients and water.  The results will astound you!  It doesn't matter what you plant, adding REV to flowers, fruits, vegetables or even trees and lawns will result in vibrant plants that THRIVE!  

REV is Highly-Concentrated!  Use 1oz per gallon of water and then just water (or use as a foliar spray) as normal

Proudly Made in the USA

REV is harvested and processed from the the glacial remnants of ancient Lake Agassiz. No other place on Earth has the natural beneficial microbiology found in the soil here and that is what truly makes REV a one-of-a-kind product!

Stronger Roots = Bigger Fruits (or Flowers)

It only makes sense that creating a thick and healthy root mass helps produce high yields. Think of the roots of your plant as if they’re the vital organs in your body. They need oxygen and a balance of certain nutrients to function. If the roots are not cared for properly, they don’t work properly, and your plant will likely suffer or die. Adding REV's natural and varied bacteria to your medium can boost root development, reduce transplant shock and allow roots to absorb nutrients at a quicker and more efficient way.

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REV is Certified Organic