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  • "My plants are Exploding. Thank you! I will absolutely be ordering more!"

    C. Wilson

  • "This stuff is amazing!! Added it to the soil with some green bean seeds as well as another seed that hadn’t sprouted after 2 weeks! No lie the next morning everything sprouted and grew so quickly over the next few days. I’ve never seen anything like it!! Decided to incorporate it in my fertilizer regime in the rest of my garden and have seen nothing but rapid growth and more fruit!! I’m in the PNW and am watching my cantaloupes 🍈 thrive!!"

    Natasha B.

  • "Trust me. Even within two days your plants will explode. It works for veg and Bloom. Making my veg plants grow so fast it's insane and my buds in flower are fattening like absolute crazy"

    T. Brown

  • "I soaked some eggplant seeds in diluted Rev, and those sprouted MUCH quicker than I have ever had eggplants sprout... I'm talking like half the normal sprouting time. Same with the peppers and zucchini I used REV on."

    Natasha B.

  • "Its amazing stuff I'll definitely getting more! Just over night I see dramatic change - 100% - like day and night. My seedlings doubled in size overnight! I'm glad i got myself a sample. Love this stuff 100%"

    T. Tesi

  • "Making my buds so fat it's ridiculous... and veg growth is like a monster"

    L. Swanson

  • "The results speak for themselves! I got the sample from the website but I am going back for more!!"

    Marie from Texas

  • "I got mine 10 days ago and my plants are growing like crazy! No kidding it works! I'm amazed. Be sure and spray the whole plant - it's amazing"

    D. Whitworth

  • "REV is the only way to grow I don't grow without it"


  • "REV is literally worth its weight in gold"


  • "I never go a single feeding without REV, All of my plants have shown such great response to REV I don't think I can ever go without it. My plants love it 😀 and because of that I love REV. Thanks REV you help me grow better medicine ♡"


  • "My plants have really been liking the REV - can't wait to see and taste the results! Come this next outdoor season, I'm gonna try starting them from the beginning to the end with REV, that should be awesome! "


REV is the answer to many garden challenges

All Growers Love Organic REV

REV Repairs Damaged Soils

See What the Pros Have to Say About REV

REV is Super-Concentrated

1oz makes 1 gallon of microbially active growth Stimulant. For many plants and vegetables REV need only be applied twice during the entire grow cycle - making it an affordable addition to your feeding regimen. Studies routinely show REV can increase yield and reduce the need for fertilizers.

Organic REV is Certified Organic

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