• Transplant Your Seedlings With Organic REV

    Transplant your seedlings into your garden with confidence.  Dipping your roots in a 50/50 REV to water mix immediately before planting almost guarantees that your new plants will quickly adapt to their new home and continue to thrive.  REV eliminates transplant shock and encourages fast, healthy...
  • Summer Is Around The Corner! Protect Your Lawn With REV

    It may not be top of mind right now but summer heat is just around the corner.  How will you protect your lawn (and garden) from heat stress and other hot weather challenges? Organic REV helps grasses and plants retain water and remain healthy through periods of extreme heat or drought.  
  • Plant Growth Stimulants – Organic REV

    We just had to share this wonderful blog post about Organic REV from our friend Pam over at  She did an amazing job of describing REV and how it has helped her in the garden and greenhouse. Did you know that plant growth stimulants can be a game-changer in the garden...