Dakota Smart Fertilizer

  • $29.99

A NEW Way To Feed Your Lawn!  Premium Patented Time-Release Fertility That Automatically Adds Organic REV.

DAKOTA Smart Fertilizer uses a patented controlled release mechanism based on polymer coating technology. 

Nutrients are released according to the nutritional needs of the plant at each stage of development, thus helping the plant to absorb nutrients more efficiently and allowing for the reduction of fertilizer used. 

Designed For Golf Greens!  Treat YOUR Lawn Like The Pro's Would!

DAKOTA Smart Fertilizer is designed to deliver all the necessary nutrients for plants slowly and evenly throughout the growth period – thereby reducing nutrient loss and resulting in strong and healthy plants.

The addition of liquid Organic REV to the concentric coating layers delivers the critically important addition of REV’s Certified Organic carbon, humates and microbials.

Now you Can Gently & Safely Keep Feeding Your Lawn Throughout The Winter Months


  • Evenly Apply 2.3 lbs. of Dakota Smart Fertilizer per 1000 sq ft
  • Activate by watering
  • Reapply every 90 days