USER Question: REV and "American Pillar" arborvitaes


I am considering planting some "american pillar" arborvitaes. I have 
been told not to fertilize until the following spring after planting.
Will your Organic Rev help my trees establish a good root system and
get them of to a good start...or should I wait to use this until
after the first spring?


How Organic REV Assists in Transplanting Pillar Arborvitaes

Transplanting Pillar arborvitaes can be a challenging task, especially when trying to ensure the trees establish healthy roots and thrive in their new location. While it’s typically recommended not to fertilize newly transplanted trees until the following spring, using Organic REV during the transplanting process can significantly enhance the success rate and promote vigorous root development. Here’s how Organic REV assists in the transplanting of Pillar arborvitaes:

Enhanced Root Development

One of the key benefits of Organic REV is its ability to promote healthy and robust root growth. This is particularly crucial for newly transplanted Pillar arborvitaes as strong root systems are essential for the tree to establish itself in its new environment.

  • Beneficial Microbes: Organic REV is packed with beneficial microbes, including rhizobacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, which form symbiotic relationships with plant roots. These microbes help the roots absorb water and nutrients more efficiently, fostering deeper and more extensive root systems.
  • Humic and Fulvic Acids: These naturally occurring compounds in Organic REV improve soil structure, enhancing aeration and water retention. They also chelate nutrients, making them more available to the plant roots, which is critical during the stressful transplanting phase.

Stress Reduction

Transplant shock is a common issue that newly transplanted trees face, characterized by wilting, leaf drop, and stunted growth. Organic REV helps mitigate transplant shock by reducing stress and promoting overall plant health.

  • Improved Nutrient Uptake: While traditional fertilizers are withheld to prevent root burn, Organic REV’s natural formula enhances nutrient uptake without the risk of over-fertilization. This ensures that the arborvitaes receive the essential nutrients they need to recover from the transplant process.
  • Stress Hormones: Organic REV stimulates the production of stress-related hormones like abscisic acid (ABA), which helps plants manage water use more effectively. This is particularly beneficial for newly transplanted trees as they adjust to their new environment.

Soil Health and Microbial Activity

Healthy soil is fundamental to the success of any transplant. Organic REV improves soil health by increasing microbial activity and organic matter content, creating a more supportive environment for the new trees.

  • Soil Structure: By improving soil structure, Organic REV ensures better root penetration and growth. Enhanced soil porosity and water-holding capacity mean the roots have better access to the moisture they need to establish themselves.
  • Microbial Life: The introduction of beneficial microbes not only supports the transplanted trees but also enhances the overall soil ecosystem, promoting long-term soil fertility and health.

Practical Application Tips

To maximize the benefits of Organic REV when transplanting Pillar arborvitaes, follow these practical steps:

  1. Prepare the Planting Hole: Ensure the hole is wide and deep enough to accommodate the root ball comfortably.
  2. Dilute Organic REV: Mix Organic REV at the recommended dilution rate of 1-3 ounces per gallon of water.
  3. Soak the Root Ball: Before placing the tree in the hole, soak the root ball in the diluted Organic REV solution for a few minutes. This helps the roots absorb the beneficial compounds.
  4. Water In: After positioning the tree in the hole and backfilling with soil, water the tree thoroughly with the remaining Organic REV solution to ensure the roots are well-saturated.

By incorporating Organic REV into your transplanting routine, you can provide your Pillar arborvitaes with the best possible start in their new location. The enhanced root development, reduced stress, and improved soil health will set the stage for a successful transplant and healthy, thriving trees.

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