Organic Power Trio

  • $75.97
  • $79.97

This combination of premium organic soil inputs is all you need for a successful organic garden.  Each of our carefully selected products brings a unique value to your plant and they work in tandem to create results greater than the sum of the parts.

  • Organic REV is quickly becoming a "must-have" for anyone who grows organically.  REV adds carbon, broad-spectrum microbial life and naturally-occurring humic and fulvic acids.  REV produces healthier and faster growing plants while dramatically improving soil biology,
  • Eco-Organic 3-2-1 is our gentle organic liquid fertilizer AND biostimulant.  Created 100% from upcycled grocery store waste, Eco-Organic provides balanced plant nutrition that is made more bioavailable by both the REV and the AMP.
  • AMP is our new algae-based biostimulant.  AMP uses our proprietary marine microalgae to enhance plant health and growth - especially in the early stages of plant development.