Farmers are seeing amazing increases in yield after applying Organic REV

Organic and Traditional Farmers and Growers of All Types and Sizes Have Been Seeing Increases in Soil & Crop Health – and Most Importantly in Net Yield – When Using REV.

Organic REV is naturally rich in organic carbon, humates & microbials – and the humic acid in REV is not ordinary humic acid that is chemically-extracted from leonardite, lignite, or other coals.  Rather, it is 100% naturally-occurring - along with exceptionally high levels of naturally occurring broad-spectrum microbial biomass that can increase nitrogen efficiency by up to 25%.  

REV replaces depleted soil carbon & bacterial biomass - and absorbs nutrients to make them more readily available to plants via their root systems.

REV is safely applied with any commercial or agricultural sprayers, irrigation or hydroponics equipment without clogging – and can be applied at planting, at foliar stage, or both. (Click to see a video demonstrating mixing & spraying in-the-field)

The compound is highly concentrated for easy storage and use, and highly affordable as well - particularly given that its usage can result in the reduction of fertilizer applied. As a general rule - the lower the quality of soil, levels of precipitation, or higher the stress on the plant or crop - the higher the return when using REV. 

REV has been certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture within USDA Organic Standards – and is OMRI listed as well.

It has been applied safely and successfully by farmers & growers for the past several years on virtually all types of plants, crops, trees and turf - and has been validated around the world within numerous university studies and independent research company trials. 

(Click to see testimonials from satisfied farmer & grower customers)


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