Five Reasons To Foliar Feed Your Plants

There are several primary ways to apply nutrients to your plants.  You can water them in (liquids) or apply to the soil (granular) or you can foliar feed. Foliar feeding is the process of applying liquid fertilizers or other nutrients directly to a plant's leaves. Here are five advantages to foliar feeding plants:

  1. Rapid Nutrient Absorption: When nutrients are applied directly to a plant's leaves, they are absorbed rapidly and efficiently. Unlike when nutrients are applied to the soil, foliar feeding allows plants to take up nutrients quickly, which can help correct deficiencies and promote growth.  Organic REV is especially effective when applied as a foliar. 
  2. Improved Nutrient Use Efficiency: Foliar feeding allows for precise control over the amount and timing of nutrient applications. This can help improve the efficiency of nutrient use and reduce the likelihood of nutrient loss through leaching.
  3. Increased Yield and Quality: Foliar feeding can help increase plant yield and improve the quality of crops. This is especially true for crops that require large amounts of nutrients, such as fruits and many vegetables.
  4. Better Response to Stress: Foliar feeding can help plants better tolerate and recover from environmental stresses, such as drought, heat, or cold. By providing nutrients directly to the leaves, foliar feeding can help plants maintain their health and vitality during periods of stress.
  5. Reduced Pesticide Use: Foliar feeding can help reduce the need for pesticides and other chemical interventions by promoting healthy plant growth and reducing susceptibility to pests and diseases. This can help reduce the environmental impact of farming and promote more sustainable agriculture practices.

Organic REV is not a nutrient but is the perfect compliment to whatever nutrients you do add.  Adding REV to your foliar feeding routine will increase your plants ability to uptake nutrients and reduce the overall amount of nutrients needed.  Regardless of whether you grow with organic or synthetic fertilizers, reducing the amounts needed is good for both the soil and the wallet.

REV is also proven to reduce plant stress, improve color vibrancy and increase yields.  The organic material in Organic REV has been reduced to mere microns allowing it be easily absorbed into the leaf.  The REV that is not absorbed falls to the soil where it replaces depleted soil carbon, adds rich microbial life and and improves soil structure.

Give foliar feeding a try - it is an easy, effective and efficient way to keep your plants fed and healthy.  Try adding REV with every other feeding.  Just add an ounce of REV to every gallon of foliar mix that you apply.

Note: Be cautious when foliar feeding flowers in bloom as many nutrients can stain petals. 


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