Organic REV Improved Hydroponic Grows

Hydroponics Users of Organic REV Are Seeing Dramatic Root-Zone Development by Solving Two of the Most Common Challenges of Hydroponic Cultivation – and in Doing So Generating MONSTER ROOTS!

While growing in a hydro solution has many advantages – one major drawback is that your roots no longer have access to essential soil carbon. Organic REV solves this problem by delivering micronized (3-5 micron) particles of carbon-rich Dakota Peat suspended in water to deliver that carbon directly to your roots.

Additionally, maintaining proper pH balance is a major challenge within hydroponic systems. Organic REV is pH neutral – and as such has been shown to act as an effective pH buffer in water.

Organic REV works in all hydroponic and aquaponic systems as well as in soil.  Our unique naturally-occurring blend of organic carbon, humates and microbials combine to improve root systems, increase nutrient uptake and increase yields!

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