Protect Your Wallet from Skyrocketing Fertilizer Prices!

Organic REV Has Been Independently Proven to Generate Higher Yields While Reducing Fertilizer Usage.

The prices for common fertilizers are reaching historic highs.  The recent invasion of Ukraine is exacerbating the already difficult situation after two years of supply chain disruptions and shipping challenges that have caused the cost of fertilizers and other soil inputs to surge. 

A lack of affordable fertility could result in lower yields and dramatic increases in food costs as farmers struggle to feed and care for their crops.  It isn't just commercial farmers feeling the pinch, however.  Smaller organic grows and home gardeners may soon find that their costs to grow fruits and vegetables have become prohibitive.

Organic REV has shown in numerous independent field tests to reduce the use of fertility – whether it be chemical or organic – without sacrificing yield.

REV, while not a fertility product, is able to improve nutrient uptake, improve plant health and increase yields while dramatically reducing fertility and other chemical interventions.  

REV replaces depleted soil carbon & bacterial biomass - and absorbs nutrients to make them more readily available to plants via their root systems.

REV is naturally rich in organic carbon, humates & microbials. The humic acid in REV is not ordinary humic acid that is chemically-extracted from leonardite, lignite, or other coals.  Rather, it is 100% naturally-occurring - along with exceptionally high levels of naturally-occurring microbial biomass that can increase nitrogen efficiency by up to 25%.  

Decades of Data PROVE That REV = Results!

Organic REV has been shown to increase yields when dramatically reducing fertility - making it the ideal choice for any grower struggling with high input costs.  In a 2017 Tomato Trial, total yields almost doubled when REV was added and fertility was reduced by 50%!

 Large commercial growers, organic farmers and home gardeners consistently find stunning results when using REV and reducing or even eliminating fertility.  As commodity nutrients continue to rise in price, REV may be just what growers need to not only survive but thrive.


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