Seed-Starting With Organic REV

SUPERCHARGE Your Seeds This Spring!
 Spring Will Be Here Before You Know It – So Start Your Early Spring Seeds With REV!

From seed starts to transplants to cloning, REV contributes to healthier, faster growing and more resilient plants. 

If you are an experienced grower, REV will highlight your skills - giving your plants that little bit extra that you are always striving for. 

If you are just beginning on your gardening journey, REV can cover for a lot of rookie mistakes and make you look like a pro.

Take a look below at the results from the seed trials that our friend Peter performed in Colorado recently.  Seeds treated with REV germinate faster and with gr eater consistency.  Seedlings treated with REV grow faster and stronger and develop significantly better root systems.  REV can also enhance your clones by noticeably speeding root development. 

Get More Out of Your Seeds

Soaking seeds for 3 hours in a 50/50 REV to water solution has been proven to significantly increase both germination rate and time.  In a rush?  Soak your soil in REV prior to planting to create a perfect microbial stew for your seeds to sprout in.


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