This Unique Plant Stimulant is Bursting With Life!

A recent third party lab analysis of Organic REV shocked researchers who found that the sample had 652 unique microbial strains. This is important because microbial diversity is crucial for promoting a healthy soil ecosystem. Different strains of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and other microbial life, can contribute immense benefits to the soil and plants, such as:

  • Nutrient cycling: Different microbes are involved in the breakdown of organic matter, converting it into nutrients that plants can easily absorb.
  • Disease suppression: Certain microbial strains can suppress soil-borne pathogens, reducing the incidence of plant diseases.
  • Improved soil structure: Microbes can help improve soil structure, enhancing water retention and aeration.
  • Enhanced plant growth: Some microbes form symbiotic relationships with plants, enhancing their growth and stress tolerance.

The inclusion of 650+ unique strains suggests a wide range of functionalities and benefits, potentially offering a comprehensive improvement to soil health and plant nutrition. This extreme level of microbial diversity is designed to support a broad array of the soil-plant system, making it quite advantageous for plant health and organic gardening practices.


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    Is there somewhere we can see the list of species?

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