Introducing AMP! Available For Sale January 2024!

Introducing AMP, a NEW concentrated liquid plant biostimulant derived from patented microalgae.  OMRI-certified organic! 

AMP has been proven to dramatically increase germination rates and accelerate emergence times while improving the development and health of seedlings. 

AMP has also been shown to:

  • Increase root biomass and structure
  • reduce transplant shock
  • Increase plant vigor leading to resistance to biotic or abiotic stress
  • Increase plant-available nutrients in soil

AMP can be used on its own or in combination with Organic REV for maximum results

AMP is an organic plant biostimulant derived from marine microalgae.  Multiple years of research has gone into maximizing efficacy for growers - ranging from large commercial agriculture to home gardeners and indoor growers. 

AMP is sustainably produced using only our specialized microalgae, recycled water, trace nutrients, sunlight, and ambient carbon dioxide then mechanically separated and packaged. These microalgae are natural producers of phytonutrients, peptides, polysaccharides, and plant-available nitrogen that catalyze early stage growth and vigor in plants. 

AMP is 100% water soluble and wont plug any nozzles and related infrastructure.  Can be used both as a general soak as directed but also in a very targeted manner as a foliar.  

AMP works in ALL growing media including soil, hydroponics and aeroponics.


Proprietary production system, no added chemistry in the process or finished product

▪ 30 year production history
▪ Whole, mechanically separated cell bodies
▪ High protein/amino acid content
▪ Comparable phytonutrient component to high-end rooting products, but derived
naturally as opposed to synthetically
▪ 2 – 0 – 0 NPK in paste form
▪ Organic certification by OMRI

Application Rates:

Dilute 1oz of AMP in 1 gallon of water.  AMP can be applied by watering or as a foliar spray.  AMP can be used as seed soak or as a rooting solution for cuttings.

AMP Specs:

Individual cell bodies less than 5 microns in diameter
▪ 100% water soluble
▪ No issues with algae reforming or plugging of any kind. Compatible with
spray nozzles, fertigation lines, mixing tanks, irrigation systems, etc
▪ Seed germination and cuttings, in furrow, and foliar all applicable

Selected AMP Trial Data:





AMP is available exclusively as part of our NEW YEAR Bundle