Dakota Reed Sedge Peat 1lb Bag

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Highly Concentrated Organics for Houseplants

DAKOTA Reed Sedge Peat is the the easy and natural way to keep your plants in top shape.  Simply blend our unique organic peat into your soil and enjoy improved plant health year-round.

  • Improve Nutrient Uptake
  • Encourage Healthy Root Development
  • Enhanced Water Retention
  • Healthier, more vibrant plants and flowers

A highly concentrated organic material ideal for soil conditioning and growing, DAKOTA Peat is of the finest quality, made from selected deposits and carefully processed to maintain its excellent, agronomic horticultural attributes. Its unique cellular structure resists further decomposition, allowing the blend to last longer in soil, and provides successful growth through exceptionally high plant feeding abilities. These are essential for development of the plant’s root system as well as air and water balance, making DAKOTA Peat an ideal soil conditioner and growing medium for plants of all types in a variety of applications.

DAKOTA Peat is NOTHING like any "peat" you may have used before. DAKOTA Peat is a highly decomposed organic matter resulting from when the glacial lake named Lake Agassiz retreated around 10,000 years ago. When Lake Agassiz retreated it left behind a layer of nutrient-rich fine silt which has been a great benefit to Red River Valley farmers for centuries. The peat is primarily made up of decomposed reeds and sedges, which separates it from inferior peat derived from sphagnum and hypnum moss.  

  • Well-decomposed
  • Low C:N ratio – nitrogen is readily available to microbes
  • Doesn’t promote fungal disease
  • Natural source of Humic Acid and broad-spectrum soil microbial life


  • For established plants lightly aerate soil and blend in DAKOTA Peat evenly across the top 1-2 inches of soil.
  • For new plants blend Dakota Peat evenly in your potting soil at a 20/80 to 50/50 ratio.  Plant and water as normal.
  • For best results water or foliar spray with Organic REV every 2-4 weeks.