No-Shock Transplant Bundle

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  • $69.97

Transplant with confidence when you combine our suite of organic products.  The three products all reduce transplant shock on their own - but when combined, they work wonders!  The products in this bundle work on any plant, flower, shrub or tree - inside or out.

Mix our DAKOTA Soil Enhancer into the soil you are transplanting to (10-20%).  Dip your roots in a 50/50 REV to water dilution and plant immediately.  Follow with a watering of AMP.

No transplant shock. Fast root development. Superior soil biology. Improved nutrient uptake.

Bundle Include:

  • 1lb bag of DAKOTA Peat Soil Enhancer
  • 16oz bottle of Organic REV
  • 8oz bottle of algae-based AMP