The Organic Power Trio – Ultimate Bundle for a Thriving Organic Garden

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Maximize Plant Health and Growth with Our Premium Organic Inputs

All You Need for a Successful Organic Garden!

The Organic Power Trio combines three premium organic soil inputs to deliver unparalleled results for your garden. Each product in this bundle brings unique value to your plants, working in tandem to create benefits greater than the sum of their parts.

What’s Included in The Organic Power Trio?

1. Organic REV: Organic REV is a must-have for anyone growing plants organically. This powerful input adds carbon, broad-spectrum microbial life, and naturally-occurring humic and fulvic acids. REV produces healthier, faster-growing plants while dramatically improving soil biology.

Key Benefits of Organic REV:

  • Enhanced Soil Biology: Boosts microbial activity and soil health.
  • Improved Plant Growth: Promotes faster, stronger plant development.
  • Increased Nutrient Uptake: Facilitates better nutrient absorption by plants.

2. Eco-Organic 3-2-1: Eco-Organic 3-2-1 is a gentle yet effective organic liquid fertilizer and biostimulant. Made entirely from upcycled grocery store waste, it provides balanced plant nutrition that becomes more bioavailable when used with REV and AMP.

Key Benefits of Eco-Organic 3-2-1:

  • Sustainable Nutrition: Created from 100% upcycled ingredients.
  • Balanced NPK Formula: Ensures comprehensive plant nourishment.
  • Enhanced Bioavailability: Nutrients are more accessible to plants when combined with REV and AMP.

3. AMP: AMP is a cutting-edge algae-based biostimulant. Using proprietary marine microalgae, AMP enhances plant health and growth, especially during the early stages of development.

Key Benefits of AMP:

  • Early Growth Support: Stimulates seed germination and seedling vigor.
  • Increased Root Biomass: Promotes robust root development.
  • Enhanced Plant Resilience: Improves resistance to stress factors.

Why Choose The Organic Power Trio?

Combining Organic REV, Eco-Organic 3-2-1, and AMP provides your garden with a comprehensive and synergistic approach to organic growing. Together, these products:

  • Promote healthier, faster-growing plants
  • Improve soil biology and nutrient availability
  • Enhance plant resilience against stress, disease, and environmental challenges

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