Organic REV Liquid Plant Food. Turf Pro. 5 Gallon Case pack

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  • $300.00

Organic Carbon. Redefined

2 x 2.5 gallon jugs.

Organic REV is proven to reduce the need for fertility.  REV increases nitrogen efficiency by up to 25% - Saving you money!

REV Turf Pro is a superior, naturally-occurring blend of organic carbon, humates and broad-spectrum microbials. It is the only crop product with the perfect natural profile to help dramatically improve grass and soil health. University and in-field tests have shown that REV can increase root mass, dramatically improve seed germination, produce sturdier turf, and increase stress tolerance.

REV Benefits:

  • Naturally-occurring microbes
  • High carbon content
  • pH buffer
  • Help improve nutrient uptake
  • Buffer against heat stress.
  • Improve water retention

REV Turf Pro is identical to Organic REV for home growers - just packaged for Commercial turf use.  REV is certified organic by OMRI and the USDA.  

REV = Results

Using REV has been shown to increase plant blooming and fruiting, root mass, and nutrient uptake, as well as fertilizer and Pesticide/fungicide effectiveness, for improved benefits such as color vibrancy, soil biology, and water retention. REV can be applied in-furrow or as a foliar spray.  REV is safe to use in all commercial irrigation systems and sprayers.

Grow Organically!

Adding REV to your garden allows you to move towards a healthier organic experience by using less fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides while producing healthier, faster-growing, and stronger plants that thrive.  REV improves soil biology - replaced depleted soil carbon and bacterial biomass and creates a "living soil" environment.



Also Available in 275 Gallon Totes.