Premium Lawncare Bundle

  • $135.96
  • $159.95

Enjoy the difference that Dakota products can make to your lawn.  Our products were designed for golf greens and are widely used by golf and stadium turf pros.  If you want a golf course quality lawn with minimal work - this is the bundle for you!

Offer includes 

  • 3 x 2.77lb cannisters of Dakota Smart Fertilizer.  Our patented controlled release mechanism, based on polymer coating technology, gives you 3 full months of total turf nutrition from a single application.
    • Nutrients are released according to the nutritional needs of the grass at each stage of development, thus helping your lawn to absorb nutrients more efficiently and allowing for the reduction of fertilizer used. 
    • Each polymer coated level contain an application of organic REB to enhance nutrient effectiveness.
  • 2 x 32oz bottle of Organic REV.  REV has been the secret weapon for turf professionals for years.  REV improves nutrient uptake and water retention while fostering deep root growth.  The result is lush, green, resilient lawns.


Apply approx 2.5lbs of Dakota Smart Fertilizer for every 1000sq ft of lawn. 

After 3 weeks, spray lawn with Organic REV (4oz per 1000sq ft).  Repeat every 3 weeks.