Superior Seed Starts

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Start your seeds and clones like a pro!  Our Superior Seed Starts Bundle delivers a 16oz bottle of concentrated Organic REV PLUS a 4oz bottle of our new OMRI-Certified AMP!  Both have been proven over years to significantly improve both germination rate and speed of emergence!

Both products are 100% natural and certified organic.


Organic REV:

Soak seeds in a 50/50 REV to water mix for 1-2 hours prior to planting.  Or

Spray seeds with a 50/50 REV to water mix and plant once seed has dried. Water immediately with REV. Untreated seeds can be planted in REV and/or AMP soaked soil.


For Seed Starts: If soaking seeds prior to planting, use a 1:12 mix ratio (1oz of AMP for 12oz of water); Otherwise, AMP can be watered in at the general use rate of 1oz per gallon of water during planting.