Conserve Water With Organic REV


Infographic of water retention and Organic REV

Decades of Results Within the Sports Turf and Agriculture Sectors Prove that the Unique Material At the Core of Organic REV Can Increase Moisture Retention and Slow Down Water Movement In Rootzones! 

Water conservation is important as both a key factor in the health of your plants, flowers or lawn, and is also a high-profile environmental concern in many areas. 

The unique and vibrant source material in Organic REV can increase moisture retention and slow down water movement in sandy soils.  Additionally, it can increase the permeability of fine textured soils. REV treated soil has higher microbial activity, increased cation exchange capacity – and can serve as a slow-release source of plant nutrients.

REV is the ideal solution to growing in hot, dry conditions or in areas with restrictions on watering.  

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